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Coaching In Medical Education Enhanced By DocTutorial’s App V 2.023

Students who enrol with medical entrance exam coaching centres often evaluate their choice of institutes based on two factors. They look into the coaching institute’s curriculum and past success. Equally, they look at their own goals and expectations. Students expect that the role of any coaching institute is to help them get top ranks and scores to get the medical seats of choice at top colleges.

In all this evaluation, many students need to see if the medical education coaching methods of the institutes they choose will suit them. Various centres adopt differing training patterns to give their audiences a clear advantage.

DocTutorials (one of India’s premier online medical entrance exam coaching institutes) prepares its students for tough exams like the NEET PG, NEET SS, FMGE, INICET and INISS. The faculty members at DocTutorials are top-notch – but not just because they are great doctors and teachers. They are great at teaching students to become confident and continuous learners, even after passing their degrees and becoming full-fledged doctors.

Let’s review how the best coaching in medical education can help students – and then look at DocTutorial’s programmes that foster the right coaching approach to help students immensely.

What coaching can do for a student – an example we can all understand

According to a medical paper titled “A definition for coaching in medical education” by Jeffrey Landreville et al, in the National Library of Medicine, the example of Roger Federer, the tennis ace, is quoted as very close to what medical coaching must aspire to do for every student.

“As the number 1 ranked tennis player for a record 310 weeks, Roger Federer represents one of the most successful professional athletes of our time. While he undoubtedly possesses a remarkable amount of self-motivation, dedication, and athleticism, there is another factor to consider: he has a coach. In fact, he has a team of coaches who work on every aspect of his game with a common goal of performance enhancement. In a recent tribute to his coaches on social media, Federer wrote: ‘Could never have been the oldest #1 without my team. Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way.'”

The first tenet of coaching, as DocTutorials also sees it, is that students face such a fiercely competitive environment that they need coaching to raise them to succeed beyond being good to being great.

The optimal mix between coaching, advising and mentoring – and how it can make a difference

According to the book “Coaching in Medical Education”, authored by Maya M. Hammoud et al, part of the American Medical Association’s MedEd Innovation Series, when medical students are asked what they value most about their faculty, three types of answers usually emanate.

One, they seem to appreciate the quality of teaching that the faculty imparts on pure medical knowledge. They need to feel their teachers and instructors are very qualified people, worthy of industry respect, who know their subjects inside out.

Two, students seem to appreciate it a lot when their teachers also play the role of advisers. When advisers are assigned to aspirants, they first get an experience in the learner’s area of need – and then provide customised oversight, advice, answers, and guidance to the student, according to the need.

Three, students like looking up to their faculty members as mentors and role models who have achieved advanced academic renown and experience. Yet, students also like to feel comfortable (and not over-awed) in a two-way dialogue with their mentors. Being able to share joys and challenges with mentors, and getting encouragement from them, makes students feel empowered.

At DocTutorials, the faculty teams embody the best of teaching, advising and mentoring.

4 benefits that any medical coaching must have – that you get at DocTutorials

According to John A Spencer in the paper titled “Learner centred approaches in medical education”, published in the British Medical Journal, any medical coaching must have four clear goals that are all student-centric. DocTutorials, too, follows this principle.

  • Coaching must provide students with a space for progressive improvement in academic, personal and professional performance.
  • Coaching must ensure student well-being, including mental clarity and balance, emotional confidence, psychological resilience and physical adaptability.
  • Coaching must ensure that teacher guidance is as essential as autonomous learning. Both systems of coaching must be concurrent and synergistic.
  • Coaching must encourage students to establish continuous reflection, goal setting and lifelong learning habits. More than any other profession, the medical field requires people to be eternal students with a high degree of passion for serving society and saving precious lives in the best and most up-to-date ways possible.

Upgradation via the new DocTutorial’s coaching app V 2.023 – for the year 2023

DocTutorials has always believed in a Multi-Disciplinary Approach (MDA) to training its students. This approach envisages a well-rounded coverage of all medical knowledge (taught via diverse formats of learning like text, lectures, videos, quizzes, tests and discussions). The approach also focuses on learning practices that modern-day doctors need.

DocTutorial’s new upgraded coaching app, Version 2.023, is further geared toward increasing information absorption and memorising capabilities. This V 2.023 app has a lot of enriched, immersive and experiential content.

The many coaching methods used by DocTutorial’s experts and the curriculum include these:

Faculty-experience benefits of the curriculum and app

1. Integrated MCQ Discussion Videos (IMDVs) – learning from insightful debates

In these IMDVs, students can watch deliberations between faculty members who discuss vital topics (including New Pattern MCQs). These IMDVs can enlighten students on topic nuances they may otherwise miss.

2. Video Lectures – gaining from rich expertise

There are hours of video content covering a full range of 19 subjects. These include 2D/3D animations to enhance experiential understanding. They also help retain in memory all that is taught.

3. Live Sessions – getting first-hand knowledge

Live classes are great opportunities for students to interact closely with faculty members to clear their doubts and queries. They can also take guidance on preparations for the Quick Revision Programmes (QRPs).

4. System Based Integrated Test Series (SBITs) – acquiring a deeper understanding

Students are taught about the human body via its various systems. This enables students to grasp the importance of each system – and further, granular learning facilitates greater comprehension.

5. Test & Discussion (T&D) sessions – leveraging immense experience

These are held to sharpen student’s grasping skills. Faculty members expose students to potential exam questions (supported by images and videos).

Autonomous-learning benefits of the curriculum and app

1. Test Series – practising constantly, preparing diligently

There is a packed calendar of subject, revision, grand, and elite tests. Doing tests with regular frequency helps both in memorising topics and losing any fear of exams.

2. QBank 2nd Edition – asking more, absorbing more

The QBank 2nd Edition aggregates past question papers and New Pattern additions. It has Image Based Questions (IBQs) and 17000+ Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

3. Leaderboard – raising the bar, boosting the effort

This serves as an up-to-date ranking table showing students their scores across quizzes and tests. Students can assess their performance against peers and know the areas of study on which they need to focus more.

In summary

DocTutorial’s coaching app V 2.023 for NEET PG students has all the tools and techniques for coaching in medical education that students can leverage. Just download, sign up and subscribe to the app to get a firm foundation and expert guidance for success. The future is already here.


  • 150 MINUTES


1. ANYONE CAN ATTENDDocTutorials GRAND TESTS (GT’s) are open to all NEET SS aspirants all over India rather than our DocTutorial subscribers alone, in order to help the stressful aspirants with precisely occurring questions as their exact NEET-SS EXAM.

2. JUST B4 EXAM – APPROPRIATE REVISION PLANSEvery GT helps the aspirants to have a thorough check on their preparation strategies. Hence by preparing for GT’s , each & every aspirant ,is getting a chance to execute a right preparatory plan at the right time.

3. (IBQ’S + MCQ’S)+ DETAILED EXPLANATIONSWe are offering you a complete CONCEPT- BASED EDUCATION, where all our GT’s provide you with the most targeted Image Based Questions and Multiple Choice Questions with their respective explanations to let you know more about the answer so that you don’t need to learn it as it is for your NEET-SS EXAMINATION .

4. UPDATED QUESTIONS FROM UPDATED STANDARD TEXTSEven though it is always best to keep updated regularly, many books give confusing information regarding certain topics .Hence our faculties take extra care to avoid such kinds of confusing information from affecting our aspirants’ preparations and give them correct explanations & all our GTs take the latest & accurate questions from the new versions of standard books.

5. REAL EXAM PATTERN FEELINGMany reports had mentioned that candidates writing exams feels it tough just because they didn’t get to know a glimpse of its pattern and lack of time coordination. Hence we are providing all our aspirants a real exam feeling and the access to an exact time management as in NEET-SS EXAMINATION through GT’s.Appearing for the GT’s makes them go easy with the real NEET-SS EXAMINATION without fear.

6. MOST QnS IN REAL NEET SS – FROM OUR GTSBecause of detailed checking with the previous year question patterns and regular updating of targeted topics ,we help you to hit multiple 6s at a go. Hence we have got ourselves an excellent preparation done to provide our aspirants an excellent coaching, so that they meet our most Mcqs at real NEET-SS EXAMINATION.

7. PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTIONSWe have seen many toppers of different exams mentioning their success with previous year question paper preparations.But has anyone thought WHY IS PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPERS CONSIDERED AS A GOLDEN JET in exam preparations?It is because previous year question papers are the golden key to the next level of preparation as they let us know what pattern is being maintained for every exams and helps to keep our preparations on the right track.So attack your enemy using their own method.Hence we are preparing our warriors to attack using challengers’ own criteria.

8. IMPROPER PREPARATION / EXCLUDED TOPICS / NO TIME TO PREPARE – SOLUTION TO ALL, IN GTSIt is not easy for medicos to have free time and it’s hard for them to find a proper time for their preparations apart from their practising time.In these situations GTs have helped many of our aspirants to get a good rank as it covers most important questions from the targeted topics.

9. DOCTUTORIAL GRAND TEST INTERFACE = NEET SS INTERFACEIn order to familiarise you with the exam environment and to relieve stress, we use the same pattern of NEET-SS EXAMINATION for aspirants with our GT’s.

10. HAVE YOUR PREPARATION REACHED UPTO YOUR EXPECTATIONS? -ANALYSE THROUGH OUR LEADERBOARDS.Analysing your failure is more important than success.Success gives you a sense of fulfilment.But failures teach you how to overcome the steps leading to failure. And that you can analyse through our leaderboards.