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Effective & Top-Quality Video Lectures

Our crisp and concise video lectures can help you easily understand the important content of each topic. They are made with utmost attention to detail. With our video lectures, you can easily crack your medical exams like MBBS curriculum, NEET PG, FMGE, PG Residency, INI SS, and NEET SS.

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Repository of Questions : Q-Bank

Our Q-Bank is a tool to test your medical knowledge and help you easily dominate NEET PG, NEET SS, FMGE, and INI exam preparation. It is crafted by top faculty and high-ranking peers. It covers MCQs, image-based questions, and previous years’ questions [PYQs], addressing nearly 95% of those repeated in previous exams. You can generate your Q-bank using our custom module and bookmark all the important questions.


Test Series to Sharpen your skills

Sharpen your skills with our test series that are curated by top faculty. With our tests, your NEET PG, INICET, FMGE, NEET SS, and INI SS exam preparation is made easy.Test series include Grand Tests, Elite Tests, Subject and topic-wise tests, Revision tests, Tests and Discussions [T&Ds], and System-Based Integrated Tests.

FMGE Test Series
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Expert Guidance With Top Faculty

We at DocTutorials bring together the best faculty team of expert doctors, each with a unique teaching style. They guide and mentor you throughout your medical journey. Enroll now and confidently conquer your MBBS curriculum, NEET PG, FMGE, PG residency, INI SS, and NEET SS!


Live Sessions With Expert Faculty

With our live sessions, you can explore complex topics effortlessly as our faculty delves into previous years’ questions, conducts quizzes, and hosts interactive doubt-clearing sessions. Unleash your potential to master NEET PG, FMGE, PG Residency, NEET SS, and INI SS exams.

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Quick Revision Program [QRP]

QRP is a must-have resource for students like you seeking a comprehensive and efficient study approach. They elevate your NEET PG, FMGE, NEET SS, and INI SS preparation. Our quick revision program offers crisp, concise, and effective medical content, including previous year questions, probable questions & clinical case-based questions.

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Enroll now and experience transformative learning to elevate your medical knowledge.

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Ace your NEET PG exam with confidence, as this course has everything you need.

  • Simplified complex topic videos
  • Faculty reviewed MCQs & IBQs
  • Elite tests
  • Grand tests
  • Extensive mentorship by top faculty
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Excel in the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination with our comprehensive FMGE course.

  • Best-quality medical videos
  • Faculty reviewed rich Q-bank
  • QRP videos
  • Customized tests
  • Practice mock tests
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Our NEET SS course is made to ease your NEET super specialty exam preparation.

  • Best-quality video lectures
  • MCQs, IBQs, previous years’ questions
  • Live case scenario discussions
  • Grand tests
  • Quick revision program [QRP]
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MBBS Curriculum

Excel your university exams with our course, as it is the ultimate choice for any MBBS student.

  • Videos covering NMC curriculum
  • Theory and practical videos
  • Doubt resolution by expert faculty
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PG Residency

Experience a new way of PG residency learning with our “PG Residency Program”. The first of its kind in India!

  • Well-crafted and quality video lectures
  • Clinical case discussions
  • Guidance and mentorship by top faculty

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Unlock NEET PG & NEET SS success with our curated notes—crafted by doctors, for doctors! Throughout your medical exam preparation, receive high-quality digital notes on the app as they act as the ultimate weapon for last-minute revision. Also, we’ve got hard-copy notes by order for the bookworms.

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