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Dr Aditya | Pediatric
Dr Aditya


Dr Divya | Pediatric
Dr Divya


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Dr Vishnu


Super Speciality Subjects Covered in Pediatric Group

01 General Pediatrics

02 Pediatric Genetics

03 Pediatric Critical Care

04 Pediatric Hepatology

05 Pediatric Gastroenterology

06 Pediatric Endocrinology

07 Pediatric Hematology

08 Pediatric Oncology

09 Neonatology

10 Pediatric Cardiology

11 Pediatric Neurology

12 Pediatric Infectious Disease

13 Pediatric Pulmonology

14 Pediatric Nephrology

15 Pediatric Rheumatology

16 Pediatric ENT

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High-Quality Video Lectures

Learn and master NEET SS Pediatric effortlessly with our expert-led, high-quality video lectures. Our live sessions and video classes allow you to gain in-depth medical knowledge, ensuring thorough preparation for the NEET SS Pediatric exam. Our faculty makes your learning experience effective and efficient.

  • Video lectures on NEET SS Pediatrics syllabus
  • Detailed explanation of every NEET Pediatric topic
  • Simplified videos on complex topics
  • Live sessions by top faculty
  • Effective revision videos
  • Get a preview of our videos – Sample Video
NEET SS Pediatric Video
NEET SS Pediatric Question Bank


Master With Qbank

Our Qbank is crafted by top specialists to help you master NEET SS Pediatrics exam preparation. The DocTutorials Qbank covers important questions that, with practice, elevate your success. Faculty-selected important Previous Year Questions [PYQs] enhance your readiness and make you excel in your medical career.

  • Qbank crafted by top specialists
  • Bookmark important and tough questions
  • Explanation and reference for each question
  • Faculty selected important  PYQs


Refine Your Skills With Test Series

You can easily enhance your NEET SS Pediatrics exam preparation through our faculty-curated test series. Subject and topic-oriented tests, along with grand tests, elite tests, and revision tests, help you sharpen your skills and optimize your preparation for success in the NEET SS Pediatrics exam.

  • Grand tests
  • IBQs tests, Tables based test, Qbank-based tests
  • Elite tests with discussion videos
  • Revision tests
NEET SS Pediatric Grand Tests
NEET SS Pediatric QRP


Quick Revision Program [QRP]

Our QRP is a resource designed to recall and understand important NEET SS Pediatric topics. You can excel in your exam with QRP as it simplifies your NEET SS exam preparation and boosts your self-esteem.

  • Detailed revision videos
  • Catch up on NEET SS Pediatric subjects
  • Important PYQs
  • Recall complete NEET SS Pediatric topics


Achieve With Expert Mentorship

With our expert faculty guidance, you can unlock success in the NEET SS Pediatrics exam. Mentorship by specialists supports you, providing personalized assistance to excel in the NEET SS exam. Have doubt clarification sessions with top faculty at your convenience.

  • Professional guidance throughout your medical path
  • Educators with captivating teaching skills
  • In-depth exploration of every topic
  • Addressing doubts to simplify understanding of the topic
NEET SS Pediatric Faculty

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