INI CET Rankers Praise DocTutorials Coaching for their Success

INI CET May ’22 Rankers Laud DocTutorials Coaching For Their Success

We’re thrilled to announce that the INI CET May ’22 exam saw as many as 5 Rankers from DocTutorials!

As a medical coaching institute of substance and solidity in the country, what could be sweeter for us than the ring of success of our students?

In this blog post we are happy to introduce to you to these five of our INI CET Top Rankers who made us so proud.

And what’s more, they have named DocTutorials coaching as an important factor in their success. Every ranker has found something different and of great value from the DocTutorials coaching programme.

This feels wonderful because it has always been our objective to help each student gain the best from us, whatever their areas of strength or interest.

So, say “Hello” to out INI CET May ’22 Rankers, and hear what they say in return about how we helped them …

What’s so special about the INI CET exams?

The INI CET is an acronym for the unabbreviated form – Institute of National Importance Combined Entrance Test. It is an exam conducted by AIIMS, India’s premier medical institution.

Have you been wondering why students apply themselves so diligently for the INI CET exam? It’s because this entrance test allows candidates to get admission to MD, DM, MS, MDS, and Master of Chirurgiae. To get to these courses, students need to enter the portals of several prestigious medical institutions of national repute via the INI CET exam.

Staying acquainted with the INI CET 2022 syllabus is very important to students, especially those who want to top the exams. By becoming aware of the contents that need to be covered for this exam, and by being coached assiduously to score high marks, students can enhance their chances for subsequent admissions to some of the most coveted post-graduate studies of their choice.

The three main subjects that comprise the syllabus of INI CET are pre-clinical phase, para-clinical phase, and clinical phase. These phases can be further divided into multiple sub-topics for clarity.

DocTutorials prepares students for all the main and sub-topics of the INI CET exam.

DocTutorials PG Power Pack prepares students to ace the INI CET

Special exams need special coaching systems. At DocTutorials, we have the PG Power Pack that our students find extremely useful when preparing for tough exams like the INI CET.

What does the DocTutorials PG Power Pack contain? Among the most valuable features are these:

  • Videos
  • QRP (Quick Revision Program)
  • Qbank
  • Test Series
  • Truly Clinical Videos
  • T & D
  • Flashcards
  • Live Sessions
  • Leaderboard
  • Soft Copy Notes (and eligibility to buy Hard Copy Notes)
  • System-based Integrated Test Series

Watch this YouTube video to know what the full DocTutorials PG Power Pack offers …

Was the INI CET May ’22 tough to crack? “No” say our five Rankers …

Our past students who have appeared for the INI CET exams in the previous sessions, and the current Rankers of the May ’22 exam, believe that the INI CET test has a moderate difficulty level … it’s not too tough. Nevertheless, every exam is a hurdle to cross from tension to triumph. In fact, the more you prepare for the exam’s unique set of questions, the higher are your chances of scoring good marks.

So, without further ado, here are the top five Rankers of May ’22 … great going students, and good wishes for your glorious future!

Dr Armaan Saith
Rank 9

Dr Shagun Batra
Rank 13

Dr Arjun
Rank 86

Dr Sabyasachi Debata
Rank 89

Dr Yuva Sai Kumar
Rank 16

What did these Rankers like most from the DocTutorials preparation process?

Here are some terrific quotes from some of them – and do view the full videos that follow each quote too!

Dr Armaan Saith is a serious young man who approaches his studies and exams with astute thinking. He admitted that the INI CET May ’22 exams were slightly atypical from the usual exam pattern, as past questions didn’t recur as expected. He says till the end he never quite knew how well he had fared. You had to have a broad grasp of your subject and not just question-level preparedness, he avers. He also says the Grand Tests of DocTutorials helped immensely in his getting the INI CET 9th Rank.

“Initially I thought that I’ll finish the entire syllabus and then I’ll attempt a Grand Test. But as my internship progressed, I knew that would never happen … I would think that all my syllabus is done and never attempt a test.

Initially that feeling is a bit uncomfortable of attempting the test because we think that we want to be perfect in all the answers, but then compared to what we could do on the exact exam day it is always better to be in practice … because the more Grand Tests we do, the less we feel on the exam day that, “Oh, it’s a special test!”

On the exam day I only felt that I’m going for just another test, and I was calmer because I thought that I’ve given more Grand Tests. It doesn’t feel as if I’m doing something new. So that is the importance of a Grand Test … because first it tells us our relative position amongst our peers; and second, on that day we don’t feel scared or nervous of the exam.”

Dr Armaan Saith has even more to say about the DocTutorials course in this full video … watch it.

Dr Shagun Batra is a student who absolutely loves the field of Medicine. She toyed for a while between Paediatrics and Medicine, but eventually Medicine won out as her first love. She agrees with the faculty at DocTutorials that Medicine becomes interesting because it involves diagnosis – and the approach to diagnosis is almost like solving a puzzle. In fact, to Dr Shagun, it feels like being a Sherlock Holmes. Doubtless, her success at the INI CET May ’22 has been largely due to the attitude towards discipline that studying with DocTutorials has instilled in her. Read her words …

“I think the most important thing is to be disciplined because motivation is very short-lived. You can be motivated for a day, for a week … but discipline is something that will carry you for years.

It’s not like you should stop enjoying your life. You have to enjoy your MBBS. You even have to enjoy an Internship. But you need to know where to draw the line between enjoying and studying, and I think when you learn to strike that balance everything will be a very easy ride for you.

You should be consistent throughout your MBBS years. Entrance exams don’t test what you learned in the last one year, they test what you’ve been learning for the last five and a half years – so consistency and discipline are very important.”

Dr Shagun Batra has a lot more to say about the DocTutorials course in this full video … watch it.

Dr Arjun is from Kerala. He completed his MBBS from Alapuzha and he gave his INI CET exam thrice, before he got the boost needed to get his excellent rank this May ’22. His dream, he says, was to somehow get into AIIMS, and for that he was willing to try the exam as many times as it would take. This is what he says helped him the most.

“It has been quite difficult – it’s not easy as all of us know. It takes a lot of determination and at times I felt doubtful whether I’ll reach there or not. I didn’t know. At these times, the faculty at DocTutorials, they were of immense help.

They provided not only educational support but also mental support. At times, when we were doubting ourselves, we had such good interactions with the teachers who helped us a lot through the journey. I really thank all of you for that.

The one thing we can do is always believe in ourselves and do our best. We can try to find out where we are going wrong. For example, the last time I attempted the exam, I had not done the previous years’ questions that much as I did this time. Although this time it was not that much of a repeat type of question paper, but still it provided a lot of use in the examination knowing the topics from which previous years’ questions were asked.”

Dr Arjun has much more to say about the DocTutorials course in this full video … watch it.

Coming soon … more videos and quotes from the other Rankers!

This article is going to be updated shortly with even more quotes and videos from the other INI CET Rankers. So drop by often!

And as for our other aspiring students still studying with us for the next round of the INI CET exam … DocTutorials wants nothing more than for you to look at these sterling examples of those who topped the charts, and to be confident we will prepare you too for amazing results.

Just stay committed and diligent, with stars in your eyes, on your journey towards higher degrees of success.

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