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NEET SS Surgery Preparation

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We at DocTutorials believe that “combining top-quality education materials with focused conceptual training by specialists can make any student achieve their dreams”.

Dr Rajamahedran

Surgical Gastroenterology

Dr Santhosh Anand

Surgical Gastroenterology

Dr Venkatesh | Urology
Dr Venkatesh


Dr Balaji Ramani

Surgical Oncology

Dr AC Senthil Kumar

Head & Neck Surgery

Dr R Saravana Santosh Kumar


Dr Vijay

Plastic Surgery

Dr Saravana Krushna Raja

Medical Oncology

Dr Murali

Vascular Surgery

Dr Raghul

Pediatric Surgery

Dr Abdul Vakil


Dr Mithun

Endocrine Surgery

Dr Pradeep | General Surgery
Dr Pradeep

General Surgery

Dr Mohammed

Minimal Invasive Surgery

Why DocTutorials


Simplified and Top-Quality Videos

Our leading educators and doctors offer high-quality videos covering the entire NEET SS Surgery syllabus. In these videos, complex topics were simplified, ensuring a comprehensive preparation for the NEET SS Surgery exam.

  • Videos covering textbooks like Bailey & Love’s, Sabiston and Schwartz
  • Based on the latest edition books
  • Lectures and live sessions on the NEET SS Surgery syllabus
  • Revision videos to elevate your NEET SS Surgery preparation
  • Get a preview of our videos – Sample Video


Master With Qbank

Boost your NEET SS Surgery preparation with our question bank featuring important and challenging questions. You can also access previous years’ NEET SS Surgery questions and bookmark difficult questions to practice at your convenience.

  • Well-crafted Qbank
  • Previous years’ NEET SS Surgery questions
  • Bookmark tough questions
  • Clinical case scenarios


Refine Your Skills With Test Series

Enhance your NEET SS Surgery exam preparation with our faculty-curated test series. Our tests offer comprehensive preparation and provide insights to understand where you need to put in extra effort to succeed. Our experts give detailed explanations for every question and help you learn and succeed.

  • Grand tests
  • IBQs tests, Tables based test, Qbank-based tests
  • Elite tests with discussion videos
  • Discussion videos after every elite test [T&Ds]


Quick Revision Program [QRP]

Take your NEET SS Surgery exam preparation to the next level with our Quick Revision Program [QRP]. QRP helps you recall important medical information and ensures your triumph in the NEET SS Surgery exam.

  • Crisp and concise revision videos
  • Easy to recall important NEET SS Surgery subjects
  • Revise NEET SS Surgery syllabus
  • Faculty selected important questions


Achieve With Expert Mentorship

DocTutorials is one of the leading NEET SS Surgery online coaching platforms. We have teamed with multiple doctors and educators to provide unmatched mentorship and guidance to all aspirants looking forward to achieving the NEET SS Surgery exam.

  • Specialists to guide you throughout your medical journey
  • Medical experts with unique teaching skills
  • WhatsApp group for quiz toppers
  • Explore subjects in-depth with engaging video classes

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Unlock NEET SS success with our curated notes—crafted by doctors, for doctors! Throughout your medical exam preparation, receive high-quality digital notes on the app, which acts as the ultimate weapon for last-minute revision. And, we offer hard-copy notes by order for bookworms and those who prefer traditional studying material.

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